5 Exciting Staycation ideas for Couples

Spending one on one time with your partner is a must if you want a happy and healthy relationship. But sometimes, life may get in the way, which is normal.  However, for a relationship to thrive, both of you should make it a priority to find time to spend with each other - and don’t just settle with your usual dinner & movie date nights, make them fun, interesting and new from time to time. If you are looking for an easy weekend idea to recharge, relax and rekindle the romance without Read more [...]
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7 Self-Care Practices That You Should Start Doing Right Now

First things first, self-care isn’t being selfish.  When you take action for the benefit of your own physical, mental and emotional health, you don’t just take care of yourself but also your relationship with others. The practice of self-care has an effect on your family, friends, coworkers and most especially, your significant other.  In fact, Cindy Norton, a licensed relationship therapist, said that if you make an effort to take care of yourself, you become more rested, patient, understanding, Read more [...]
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Why Every Mom Needs a Journal

Brace yourselves because the new school year has officially started.  From your kids’ homeworks to your own work commitments, cleaning to making dinner for the whole family and so much more, life as a mom is no joke. With all the hustle and bustle going on in your home (and inside your brain), you need to have something to keep you organized, positive and sane.  I wish there was a magic pill for this but what I’m talking about is keeping a journal. I know some of you may feel that you Read more [...]
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3 European Cities You Can Travel for Cheap this Fall

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Europe, now is the time to do so since it’s shoulder season, which means – fewer people, shorter queues and affordable prices.  Yup, now is the perfect time to travel to Europe without breaking the bank. Based on Travel and Leisure’s feature on “Cheap Flights to Europe You Can Book Right Now,” here are some popular European destinations that you can visit from many cities across America, with travel dates starting this month. Barcelona, Spain Now Read more [...]
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6 Things that Can Destroy Your Relationship

Relationships are so delicate.  They can easily fail for so many possible reasons. Yes, even the strongest ones can be ruined within seconds. It’s common to keep an eye out on big issues such as cheating and betrayal, among others, but it’s actually the abundance of little things that can lead to the end of a relationship. Most of these unfortunate lovers reach to that point completely unaware that these small issues actually exist, and it’s already too late. To help you prevent Read more [...]
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6 Tips to Make Step-parenting and Blended Family Work

According to recent statistics, 40% of the married couples with children in the US are forming blended families right now and that 1 out of every 3 Americans is either a step parent, a step child or in some way, included in a blended family. If you are a parent or step parent in a blended family, I can imagine how confusing and stressful it is sometimes.  But don’t worry because there are a number of ways to make it work. 1. Know this by heart – those children are a part of your partner.  Your Read more [...]
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The Ultimate Packing List for a Study Abroad

To study abroad is definitely an adventure of a lifetime and I can only imagine how exciting that can be. But before you can even begin this new milestone, there’s one dreadful task you need to tackle first - the packing! Packing for a holiday is already mentally and physically exhausting. How much more for a semester or more in a foreign country? If you have empty suitcases staring at you right now, don’t worry, because I’ve put together a list of what to pack for your study abroad. Documents You Read more [...]
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How to Save your Marriage with an Emotionally Immature Partner

Not everyone is mature enough to be in a relationship.  But these types of people are lucky to have partners (like you, maybe?) who are willing to spend effort to make the relationship successful. If your significant other is emotionally immature, I can’t imagine how difficult and stressful it is to deal with that kind of relationship. Sure, in the beginning, it’s easy to brush off your partner’s immaturity but in the long run, things can really get frustrating and discouraging. But Read more [...]
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5 Ways to Handle Breakup with Class

Break ups are never easy, whether you are the partner who got dumped or the one who initiated it. Either way, breaking up with class is the healthiest way to say goodbye. Although it won’t remove the pain, at least it will make the heartache a lot easier to cope up with. If you ask me how to handle breakup with class, here are my 5 helpful ways: Never “ghost.” This goes for the partner who wants to initiate the break up. “Ghosting” is a slang word used to describe the act Read more [...]
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5 Reasons to Convince You to Go on a Babymoon

If there’s honeymoon for newlyweds, there’s also babymoon for expecting couples.  Nope, it’s not the same as a baby shower.  It’s a whole different shenanigan that modern parents spend on nowadays. If you’re clueless about what this is (like how I was when I first heard this thing), it’s actually a new pre-baby trend in which soon to be moms and dads go on a mini vacation before welcoming their little one and prior to embarking on a new adventure called parenthood. It may Read more [...]
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