How Do I Get Over a Breakup? Top 10 Ways to Survive the Heartache

How do I get over a breakup?  A lot of people are asking this very same question.  It’s no secret how painful a breakup is but the real challenge lies in trying to move on.

When it comes to “how do I get over a breakup” here are a few things you need to avoid doing.

1. Don’t obsess

You can think about the breakup and analyze it so that you wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.  But obsessing over the breakup will only let you get stuck in the cycle of pain.  You can mull things over but don’t analyze them.

2. Don’t rethink your decision

If it was your decision to break it off, stick to it.  Don’t rethink your decision.  Remember, you broke up for a reason and going back to your ex will not solve your problems.  Sometimes, things are not meant to be and you just need to let it go.

3. Don’t call your ex

Whether you did the dumping or you got dumped the same rules apply when contacting your ex.  In order words, it’s a bad idea to call your ex immediately after the breakup.  Emotions are still running high and you will only end up arguing even more.  You’re also fooling yourself if you think hearing your ex’s name will give you peace of mind.

4. Don’t ignore your feelings

It’s okay to feel betrayed, hurt, angry, and restless after a breakup.  Stuffing down these feelings or trying to ignore them won’t help you with the pain.  Such negative emotions will find a way to surface and you will be right back where you started.  If you want to get rid of the pain, you need to pay attention and face it.

5. Don’t turn to booze and food

Food and alcohol will not help your situation.  Sure, you can eat a few comfort foods to help you feel better.  But going through this every day won’t help your situation nor is it healthy for you.  Just remember that food and alcohol are not the answer to your problems.

6. Don’t hide away forever

You need time alone and that’s understandable.  But you can’t lock yourself in your room forever.  You’re going to have to face the world sooner or later.  Besides, being cooped up in four walls won’t make you feel better all the time.  Sometimes, you need some fresh air or new environment to get your mind off things.

7. Don’t push away your friends

You can turn to your friends for emotional support which is why you shouldn’t push them away when they’re just trying to help you.  Sometimes, talking to people you trust can really help ease the pain.  At least you know that you’re not alone in this and you’ll always have someone you can rely on.

8. Don’t keep your ex’s stuff

One way to get rid of the memories is to get rid of your ex’s stuff.  Sometimes, you don’t really want to see things that would remind you of your ex and your lost relationship.

9. Don’t just think of the happy memories

If you keep thinking about the happy memories of you and your ex, then you’ll have a harder time moving on.  What you can do is focus on the negative memories so that it will be easier to stick to the decision of breaking up and moving on.

10. Don’t ignore reality

How do I get over a breakup?  You’re going to have to face reality and accept the fact that the relationship is over.  Don’t hold on to false hopes because this will make it even more difficult to survive the breakup.

About Cassie Callahan

Cassie Callahan is a writer and blogger. She writes for many websites but finds her passion writing about dating and relationships. She is currently working with Ashley Kay, creator of the Ex Recovery System, in helping men and women find love and even win one back.
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