How to Stop a Breakup – 7 Ways to Save Your Relationship

Problems often arise in relationships and before you know it you’re trying to think of ways on how to stop a breakup to save your relationship.  Sometimes, people think that their partner fails to meet their expectations and decide to call it quits.  But is breaking up always the solution?  Is there a way to prevent it from happening?

How to stop a breakup

There is no quick and easy solution when you’re trying to stop a breakup from happening.  It will take a lot of effort as well as patience.

Prioritize your relationship

It’s important that your partner knows that they are your priority.  It’s true that there are other responsibilities in your life but it doesn’t mean that your partner is any less important.


In every relationship, communication is essential.  Lack of communication is one of the reasons that could lead to a breakup.  When a relationship is going into a tough phase, couples usually make the mistake of not communicating.  This in turn makes their problems a lot bigger and they never solve their conflicts.

What are your partner’s interests?

Learning about their interests is one way to show that you like spending time with them.  If you experience new things as a couple then it will bring you closer together.  You will have more fun in your relationship and doing things you enjoy can be a rewarding experience.

Show appreciation

One way to show appreciation is to tell your partner how proud you are of them.  Make them feel good about themselves.  When they did a great job at work, congratulate them and treat it like a special occasion.  Show them how much you appreciate their role in your relationship.

Don’t keep scores

If you think that you’re the only one doing all the work to keep things going in your relationship, try not to keep score because it will not promote romance.  If you want your partner to do the same then you need to lead by example.  For example, you can continue on becoming more romantic but don’t insist that your partner does the same.  It’s difficult but they may also start to come around and be romantic as well given enough time and encouragement.

Figure out what needs to be done

If you are convinced that you want to stay in the relationship then you need to figure out how to solve your problems in order to make the relationship work.  Sometimes, seeking professional help can also be an option because it can make the problem easier for you.  Figure out what you can do to make things better.  Are there things about you that you need to change?  Or maybe you both just need to talk things out?

Be patient

As mentioned, when it comes to how to stop a breakup and save your relationship, you will need to make an effort and be patient.  If you want to handle the situation efficiently, then a great deal of patience would be needed.  To avoid further arguments, try not to retaliate if your partner’s words are upsetting you.  Count to ten or wait a day because this will help you understand what your partner may be going through.

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