The Perfect Gift – Time

A Most Inexpensive but Most Meaningful Gift.

Time – A Most Inexpensive but Most Meaningful Gift.

T’is the season and we are getting closer and closer to the holidays. Even though Christmas and Chanukah appear at much the same time each year why do we seem to be in a frenzy, as if it is something new? And we still want to find the most unusual gift we can for the special people in our lives. Does it really matter in the end, or is it just the thrill of trying to top last year’s catch?

With consumers trying their best to out-price their competitors, while bombarding us with great sale prices, our choices are unlimited. Instead of making it easier, it sometimes creates anxiety, because we then wonder if just one more store will have a lower price for the exact purchase we have just made.

It seems that each year it gets harder and harder to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. Why is this?

Because most people have everything they need already; money is tighter which means we have to become more creative; and finally, stores and websites all seem to tout the same old, same old. What to do? Give gift cards or money? Now, that could be deemed a cop-out and sure doesn’t carry a warm personal touch.

I have the antidote: – how about wrapping up the gift of time? After all our time is the most precious commodity we have. Remember hearing: “I just don’t have time to spare?” Well here is your chance.

A benefit to this gift: we wouldn’t have to try to find the best and lowest price as money is not required.

Since time is your gift think of ways you could give it. Maybe a back massage would be just the thing your honey would love. What about arranging a stay at home date with just the two of you: order in some dinner and reminisce about some precious dates from your courting days. Or how about playing board games and sipping hot chocolate by the fire. Better yet, grab the grandparents and bring the children to them so you can just hang out together alone anywhere. The ideas are endless, if you let your mind get creative. Of course turn off all cellular devices, computers and TV’s. They are distractions for sure!

Whatever gift of time you choose, give it from your heart. Use your imagination when you send your “timely” gift to your loved one – maybe write a poem or create a drawing to show what you’ll be sharing.

Time is the least expensive, and yet the most costly gift to give. It’s also the most meaningful and will bring anticipation and fun into your relationships.

I once heard a definition of love as “time spent.” What a way to say I love you to your special someone, and by the way you just might find that you’ll be the one who is gifted the most!

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