6 Tips on How to Forget a Guy Who Broke Your Heart

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He hurt you and broke up with you and now you’re looking for ways on how to forget a guy who broke your heart.  Letting to of someone is never easy.  It’s always difficult when a relationship ends and you had to walk away from someone you love.

However, you can’t just keep living in the past and not move on.  If you want to know “how to forget a guy who broke your heart, here are a few tips to consider.

1. Accept reality

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s not over and he’s coming back.  You will never be able to move on and get him out of your mind if you keep thinking that he’s going to come back to you.  Focus your energy into accepting reality and the fact that he’s gone now.  Daydreaming about him and the two of you being happy again would only make you miss him more.

2. Put down the phone

For the first couple of weeks you would miss him.  After all, you can’t easily forget someone you love.  But calling him is a bad idea because you would never get over him if he’s still a part of your life.  Again, you would start to miss him if you keep hearing his voice or if you keep calling him.  You need to put the phone down and refrain yourself from contacting him.

3. Get rid of the memories

If you still have those old photos of him, it might be best to get rid of them.  Put away those gifts he gave you and anything that reminded you of him.  It won’t do you any good if you keep seeing things that would make you think of him.

4. Tell yourself that he’s not the one

Don’t feel sorry for yourself and think that you will never find love again.  He may have been a good boyfriend and you loved him but it doesn’t mean that he’s the one for you.  If he is the one then he would still be by your side.  You need to get over him and get back out there because clinging on to his memory won’t make you forget him.

5. Spend time with friends

If you keep to yourself and refuse to have a social life then you will have a harder time forgetting him.  You will always be thinking of him and what you’ve lost.  What you can do is spend time with friends so that you can get the support you need.  It’s great to be surrounded by people who love you for who you are.  If you start having fun again then it would be easier getting him off your mind.

6. Focus on yourself and your work

How to forget a guy who broke your heart?  A good idea would be to focus on your work and yourself.  Again, you can’t just lock yourself in your room and forget you have a life.  You need to get on with life, try to regain your confidence and focus on more important things such as yourself and your work.

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