Get Your Ex Girl Back – What to Do When You Run into Your Ex

tumblr_m1qrxdsjPS1qcontto1_1280Trying to get your ex girl back?  It’s never easy when a relationship falls apart and ends.  You and your girl decided to take a break from each other.  It’s not an easy decision to make but you both felt it was necessary during that time.

But what happens when you run into her?  When you’re trying to get your ex girl back how should you behave if you see her?

1. Try to be nice

If you’re trying to get your ex girl back then you need to be nice when you see her.  She may have hurt you but still, you should try to display good attitude and don’t make a scene and embarrass her.  Try to be nice because acting like a jerk won’t win her back.

2. Bring up positive things in your life

There’s no need to brag about that promotion or how well you were doing at work.  You don’t have to rub it in her face that you’re making more money than usual.  It’s also not a good idea to show her how miserable you are without her.  But you can tell her that everything is going well if she asks you how you’ve been.  Just be sure that whatever you say is true and don’t make things up or exaggerate because you’re going to look like a complete loser when she finds out you’re just making up these things.

3. Avoid bringing up the past

You should not bring up old issues when you run into your ex.  That would just be awkward and your conversation would not end well.  It’s not appropriate to discuss such things especially when you’re both not ready to face them yet.  It would make her feel very uncomfortable and she won’t be looking forward to bumping into you again.  Plus, it’s not exactly the time and place to discuss such important matters.

4. Keep it short and sweet

If you run into your ex and start a conversation with her, be sure to keep it short and sweet.  Things may still be a little tense between the two of you and the last thing you want is to make her feel more uncomfortable.  Try to avoid the long conversations of trying to catch up and just exchange your hellos and a few “how have you been?”  If you’re nice to her and keep her guessing then she may look forward to seeing you again.

5. Smile

Smile when you see her so that she won’t feel she needs to be intimated by you.  If she feels more comfortable with you then she would look forward to seeing you and talking to you more.  She may be feeling unsure whether or not you want to talk to her and if you are nice and smile at her then she would feel more at ease.  Once she starts to feel more comfortable around you again then she would ask for more.  If you want to get your ex girl back, remember that you need to treat her right.

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Cassie Callahan is a writer and blogger. She writes for many websites but finds her passion writing about dating and relationships. She is currently working with Ashley Kay, creator of the Ex Recovery System, in helping men and women find love and even win one back.
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