Teen Pregnancy: How to Stand Up To the Pressure

Pregnant TeenThough getting pregnant while still in high school isn’t the most desirable of situations, teens can work through the hurdles ahead of them to create success in their adult life.

What are some of the techniques that teen mothers should do to overcome the pressure placed on them in high school?

Create a Plan that Includes Short and Long Term Goals

Having a plan in place throughout the pregnancy and once the child is born can help mothers to take control of the situation. The plan can include both their goals for education, living, and how they are going to cope with the demands of being a parent. Creating short term and long term goals throughout the plan is a vital step in keeping track of failures and achievements.

Find a Support Network

It’s important for teen mothers to find support. Mothering is difficult for women that are older — let alone coupled with the difficulties of growing up. A support network can consist of a family, the partner, and community outreach programs for teen mothers. The support network can help a lot especially when it comes to dealing with financial and emotional problems most teen parents have to faced.  It can also help in finding support for education and childcare.

Communicate and Connect with Peers

Young mothers are often ostracized within the school community. Being open with their friends, peers, teachers and school officials about the pregnancy and any issues that are going to affect the school can help them to increase the support network and keep the lines of communication open. School officials and peers can often become a community support that may not have been otherwise considered.

Think About Childcare

It`s important to continue the education. Continuing it is going to ensure that young mothers have the means to provide for their child’s future — with or without the assistance from others.

Childcare is available through many forms and costs can be reduced through the use of subsidy programs. Mothers may even want to consider community outreach programs which are specifically designed for them, or they can get some assistance and even childcare on site to encourage bonding (with their child) while continuing their education. Coming up with a childcare plan before the baby is born can help to increase the chances that they can finish their education.

Overcoming the hurdles of becoming a teen mother can be difficult, but applying the basic guidelines above can help her overcome the obstacles one step at a time.

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