Human Relations and its Importance

A human being is a culture-bearing primate, evolved from apes, having a more developed brain and capacity for speech and reasoning by a popular online dictionary and human relations defined as the ‘social and interpersonal interaction or relationship among human beings’ by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, human relations have evolved from stone tablet messages taking eons to reach to the quicker e-mail or text messaging of today.

Do you have to maintain one?


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What do you do?

First off, the most basic need for a human – other than you know, the essential necessities – is the need to be loved, appreciated and accepted. The sooner you fulfill this need, the better it is for you.

At home, you are appreciated by your family but in the world outside, surrounding yourself with people who have never known you and making them like you might seem like a tough job.

If you are having a tough time finding someone to talk to at your workplace or college, start by looking for people who share a mindset similar to yours, or if you have any common interests. Having things in common, can double up as a conversation starter and the start of a great friendship.

You can’t really expect your pet or the neighborhood cat to understand your problems, however interested they may seem. Having someone to talk to can be a great stress buster, because sometimes family may not offer the solution or might just be the problem. So strike up a friendship with your co-worker or that classmate you see every day on your way to college and make your life beautiful.

I mentioned benefits, didn’t I?

Maintaining human relations can prove to be a great motivation in dealing with stressful deadlines, achieving success as a team or as an individual and involves sharing of knowledge as well. So you can impress others with your astounding information about stuff while learning some more, making it a win-win situation for you.

It can also improve your communication skills, your technical skills and develop better negotiation and decision making talents along the way. Human relations need not be limited just to the office workspace. The world is full of people with dreams, aspirations like you. These people you make relation with or for a more common term, friends will be the rock to hold on to, when life throws a tantrum and wreaks havoc in your life.

Spread the cheer around. Talk to the guy-next-door or the old lady down the street. Share stories, experiences. Connect with them. Emerge with a newer version of you. The world is your play area, have fun.

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Lucy is a professor of human psychology and freelance writer. When she’s not teaching at her university, she writes blogs about child psychology and missold ppi.
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