Loveawake review: is it the best dating site for singles?

Photo Credit: blinkingidiot via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: blinkingidiot via Compfight cc

Online dating is a tough business. When you start out, there’s a mountain of sites to choose from; knowing where to start can be intimidating to say the least.  I have friends who have tested out different dating sites and their experiences range from falling in love to getting weirded out to LOLing at each message.

I discovered an up and coming website called It’s a new free online dating site which really impressed me with their importance of putting love first. It is a free dating site. It makes it’s money from advertising, so users can enjoy online dating without spending a dime.

It has gathered together more than a million registered members from United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, India and South Africa, to name but a few. This very dynamic dating search engine is for those who value their time, comfort and safety. Built-in customizable security filters make it possible to create a perfect dating environment for anyone!

For example, if you want to chat with and meet girls only from you home country, simply go to Settings and block everyone from abroad. One click and you’ll get no more junk mail from all those adventurous overseas girls.

Do not like it when somebody without any pictures to their profile tries to contact you. Just block them.

Not interested in married singles, guys with piercings, or anyone imbibing alcohol? Block them.

Tired of reading messages from men 25 years older than you? Set up your age preference and click all others out of the picture.

If you want to avoid uninspiring introductions and meet just the people who might have a chance with you, go ahead and set all other prefs to your liking.

You can even protect yourself from our registered “naughty” users (those who have previously sent someone uncalled-for messages of a sexual nature), again by activating the right filter.

How do I know whether or not a person really lives in a country that is listed in his or her user profile?

System of user origin verification is sms-based and is highly reliable.

On Loveawake it is prohibited to use fake images. Our moderators keep a keen eye out for Tom Cruises, Pam Andresons and other stray celebs.

All main features of the website are available to every member for free. But they do offer a number of additional paid options such as:

placement of profiles at the top of the photo gallery for extra visibility;

“Invisible surfing” mode for extra comfort and security;

and Mobile chat via sms (with retaining anonymity of your telephone number).

So, if you are single and looking for a serious relationship, is your site. To give it a shot, simply, set up a profile by answering a brief questionnaire and uploading a photo of yourself, and see what matches the site offers you. Or, if you prefer, conduct your own searches.


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