Active Participation in Your Child’s School Can Make a World of Difference


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Chances are if you take an interest in your child’s education, he will too. While you may not be able to chaperone every field trip or be the classroom mom, you can still get involved in your child’s school which will significantly enrich your child’s learning experience.


Because when you actively participate in your child’s school it:

Demonstrates That You Prioritize Education- When you view yourself as a partner in your child’s education you send the message that his education is a priority. Spending time volunteering in the classroom, attending meetings or assisting the teacher with school work prep all demonstrate in a tangible way that you value education. If your child believes that you value education, he’s more likely to value it himself.

Gives You a New Perspective- Some children will act completely different in their classroom setting. In fact, you could learn a great deal about your child by observing him or her with friends. How they process information and even the behavior exhibited during recess or gym time can show you a side of your child you may not have known existed. Seeing your child in a classroom setting is an experience could change the way you think about him and even alter your own perceptions of your child.

Enhances the Parent Child Bond- When you take interest in your child’s day to day life it provides a natural point of connection. Even the act of driving your child to school or showing up for special days provides a natural opportunity to deepen your connection. Be sure to read information that is sent home and ask open ended questions to learn more about what your child is learning and the relationships he is developing.

Provides Important Insight – When you are involved and interested in your child’s education, you have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of learning that is going on. You can’t really comment on what’s going on in the classroom unless you’ve been there or discuss how your child is progressing if you’re not monitoring his progress. When you’re present and knowledgeable, teachers may be more apt to take what you have to say seriously.

Helps to Build Community- Your child’s school is his community. When you’re actively involved you become part of that community. Whether you lead a scouting troop, attend school meetings, or even just make an appearance at school drop off and pick up, you’re helping to build and reinforce your child’s connection to his community.

Fosters a Love of Learning- When you ensure your child gets his homework done or has good attendance, you’re providing opportunities to foster your child’s love of learning. While your child is doing his reading, read a book next to him. If you show him that you have a passion for learning you can cultivate that same passion in him.

In a busy world where time is limited, it’s important to spend your time wisely. Being actively engaged in your child’s education at a young age is an investment you want to make as it will set him up for future academic success.

Wondering how you can get involved in your child’s school? Here are 10 ways you can gets involved:

  1. Drop off or pick up your child from school
  2. Attend parent teacher meetings
  3. Offer to chaperone school trips
  4. Volunteer to help in the classroom
  5. Speak positively about your child’s teacher
  6. Observe in the classroom
  7. Join the PTO or PTA
  8. Send in requested supplies
  9. Monitor your child’s academic progress
  10. Provide helpful feedback to the teacher about your child

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