The Ashley Madison Hack Ruined my Marriage!!


Nearly 40 Million “Anonymous” Cheaters? Really?

I came across this little gem yesterday on CNN Money: “The Ashley Madison hack is indeed ripping apart marriages.”


It reminded me of when I was in the Navy, and the returns of nuclear-powered submarines from their 4 to 6 month tours were not announced. Turned out that there was almost always a rash of nasty divorces just after a nuke returned to port, when the sailors came back to their homes to find their wives having sex with somebody else.


The Navy decided to combat that problem by giving a 24-hour warning that a nuke was about to return.

As I thought then (and still do), while that new policy eliminated the rash of nasty divorces after a nuke return, it didn’t solve the real problem. The real problem was cheating partners.

The Ashley Madison Hack is NOT ripping apart marriages. What is ripping those marriages asunder is INFIDELITY.

Get a grip, people.  You are responsible for your own actions. Ashley Madison is not, and neither are the hackers that broke into Ashley Madison.

While I do not condone the illegal act of the hackers, I do feel karma at work here.


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