The Pros and Cons of Interracial Relationships


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When a relationship exists between two different races, we call that Interracial Relationship/Dating/Marriage. In my experience, being in this kind of relationship is very challenging. But when handled correctly, it can be the most incredible experience you can have.

Just a little chit-chat about my experience, I’m a Filipina and was once in a relationship with a Lebanese guy for 3 years when I was still residing in Dubai. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. But I don’t regret any of it.

In this article, I will discuss the different pros and cons of Interracial Dating based on my own experience.


Learning about a different culture

Getting to know your partner means gaining knowledge about their culture as well. You learn how different their lifestyle is from yours. You get to try their cuisine, learn a new language and may even visit their home country. You get to appreciate your partner’s culture and slowly adapt to it. This really keeps the relationship interesting.

Gaining appreciation for your own culture

In relation to learning about a new culture, you get to appreciate yours too.

Developing an open mind

I used to have a stereotypical view of Arabs and Muslims and it all changed when I entered a relationship with an Arabic-Muslim guy. I learned that all my impressions about them were wrong. Since then, I carry that open mind with me and it has definitely broadened my perspective on a lot of things.

Becoming stronger

With all the challenges that you will be facing, it will definitely strengthen your belief in yourself, your culture and your religion.


Cultural Difference

At the earlier stages of your relationship, you will really see how different your cultures are. You were both brought up in different ways. In my partner’s culture, women were expected to dress up in a certain way so my choice of outfits would usually cause arguments between us.

Also, in his culture, men are always superior over the women. They were always considered the one who wears the pants in the relationship and the one who makes decisions. That was a problem for me because I am a very opinionated woman and I would fight for what I believe is right.

Language Barrier

You are lucky if you and your partner have the same first language despite of the difference in race. As for my case, we had to communicate using English which is not our first language. We didn’t really have problems when it comes to communication but sometimes, it gets frustrating when we get into a fight. During arguments, a lot of things run through your mind (in your own language) so it’s hard to express what you really feel when emotions are heating up and you still need to translate everything.

Unacceptable to Family

I believe that your family’s opinion is very important in every decision that you make. You are very lucky if your parents and other relatives are as open-minded as you are. I was unfortunate to have my family against my relationship. It was such a big hurdle to overcome and it was one of the reasons why my relationship ended. I know that you shouldn’t let anyone dictate your love life so when faced with this issue, ask yourself if you are capable of disappointing your parents or if you’re willing to be disowned just to pursue an interracial relationship.

With a right amount of respect, good communication, patience and love for each other, interracial relationships can definitely work out.

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