How Social Media Can Ruin Relationships


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Along with the increasing popularity and benefits of Social Media, come numerous downfalls.  One major concern that we will talk about in this article is its impact in dating and relationships.  To be blunt about it, relationships pre-Social Media were less complicated.

Because of social media, interaction became easier.  Back in the day, it took a lot of courage to ask someone out and a lot of effort to pursue someone.  Now, there’s easy access to quite a number of potential partners which leads to serial dating and promiscuity.  I know a lot couples who met through Facebook and also broke up because of it.  Lucky for you if you meet someone who’s actually single and who is really serious in pursuing you and not the ones who are in it just for the game of flirting.  It can also be a window for connecting with old flames which can be a cause of jealousy and further issues with your current partner.

There’s actually a thing called “Facebook jealousy” and it’s a very common cause of fights in relationships nowadays.  Sometimes, you become suspicious of your partner’s interactions on Facebook that it makes you feel anxious and paranoid at the same time.  But when you think about it, it’s just you who is inflicting harm to yourself.  But we can’t blame it solely on mistrust, because we are all aware that flirting can occur online and it doesn’t hurt to be observant about it.  Just make sure that you talk to your partner about it in a calm way.  Don’t assume, blame and attack right away without even giving your partner a chance to explain.

These social networking sites have also become an outlet for emotions.  There’s no problem in expressing what you feel on your social media profile but some just overdo it.  Don’t use status updates to curse and insult other people.  Be mature enough to keep your arguments and hatred in private.

Don’t get me wrong, our actions are still OUR actions so we can’t just blame our drama to social media.  We all have a choice, so we should start making better ones.

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