Why Family Communication is Important


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Effective communication is one of the pillars in building a strong foundation for a positive and happy family.  Understanding its significance will help you become a responsible parent or an obedient child.

On the first part of this article, I will list down the importance and uses of good communication from a parent’s point of view.

Communication as a way to understand your children

How well do you know your children?  What are their favorite things?  Do you know who their friends are?  What are their interests?

These little details are important in understanding your children more and knowing what kind of personality they have.  You can do this by making sure that you are able to have conversations with them every day.  Having these conversations will bring you closer to one another.

Communication as a way to know your children’s needs

It’s easy for parents to assume that their kids are okay and contented with what they are giving.  Some are too busy working in order to provide their children with material things when in reality, it’s not what they need.  This is where communication should come in.  Talk to your children about their needs.  Most of the time, what they need are time, affection and attention and not tangible things.

Communication as a means of providing emotional support


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Your children might be going through something personally or at school and you are not aware of it.  Take time to ask your children about their day and offer a listening ear when needed.  You may not understand them, but showing them your support helps a lot in their emotional growth.

Communication and Discipline

Effective communication is very important in disciplining you child.  Proper communication is needed when implementing rules, setting limits and delegating tasks.  Explain to your child why these rules should be followed and not just assume that he/she understands it.  Always be mindful of what your child feels.  When reprimanding your child, make sure that you do it with respect because it may affect their self-esteem.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Each family member has his or her own opinion, belief and personality.  And these differences result to conflicts.  But having an open and good communication with your child helps a lot in preventing and resolving them.  Communication is the first step in finding solutions.  When faced with issues, always be calm and honest to your child and show them that you are with them to find solutions and not against them.

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