Dealing with Homesickness

Image Credit: Pixabay

Image Credit: Pixabay

Whether you are moving abroad to work, study or to migrate, homesickness is one significant challenge that you have to deal with.  As for me, I had to move abroad for work.  It was my first time to be away from home and my first time to travel to a foreign country as well.  Aside from dealing with other stressful things such as adjusting to a new environment, getting along with new people, meeting people of different race and culture, homesickness was the hardest one for me.

Homesickness is that sad feeling of longing for home and family while being away from them for a long time.  It’s very normal for everyone who travels.  It’s just that each one of us differs in the degree of homesickness and our ways of coping with it.

Here are some tips on how to deal with homesickness when you are away from home:

  1. Become a tourist.

Sure, you went there not because of vacation but who says that you can’t do tourist-y things?  Make an effort of getting to know your new home.  Visit the popular tourist attractions, explore the different modes of transportation and try their cuisine. Do everything that a tourist would do.  This way, you’ll become more familiar and comfortable with the country and in a way, it will your mind off of missing home.  Not only that, seeing all these new sights will make you appreciate your new home more and realize that it’s not bad as you think it is after all.

  1. Try local food.

We all know how comforting good food is, right? Aside from the local food, why not look for restaurants that serve your food favorites from home?  I’m sure there’s at least one

  1. Go out and Be Active.

Being stuck at home will just increase your level of homesickness.  Like I said earlier, do tourist-y things or start a new hobby.  Enroll yourself to a class, or a gym or just anything that will stop you from being idle.  Kill that boredom because it just feeds your sadness and that’s not good.

  1. Video Chat.

Of course, give some of your free time to communicate back home.  This is the number 1 thing that can cure homesickness.  With today’s digital age, there are a lot of ways to stay in touch with your loved no matter where they are. Schedule a Skype or Facetime date with your partner, family and friends.

  1. Build new friendships.

Having a support system is an important step in coping with homesickness.  Meet new people or reconnect with some people from home.  I’m sure there’s at least one person whom you know that is probably living in that country as well.

These are just 5 of the many things that you can do to help yourself overcome the sadness of being away from home.  It is okay to cry it out sometimes but don’t let homesickness ruin your dreams and goals.  Don’t let it get to you.  It won’t go away overnight but trust me, you’ll make it through.  Keep in mind that each day that passes is a day closer to being home again.



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