10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

January’s about to end which means that Valentine’s Day is coming up.  I’m sure that you are already thinking of what to give your partner this year.  In this article, I will be sharing some of my unique, creative and romantic gift ideas that will surely make Valentine’s Day 2016 (or any day) a special one.

  1. If you are planning to be extravagant this year, surprise your partner with a special getaway trip.
  2. Cook him/her a special meal even if you don’t know how to cook and set up a romantic dinner table just for two at home. Your partner will appreciate the effort even more.
  3. Spend the day recreating your first date. Go to the exact places or restaurant you went to and reminisce the memories that happened during that day.
  4. Get your Shakespeare skills on and write a poem for him/her.
  5. For the men, why not try to compose a song and serenade your woman?
  6. Make a list of all the reasons why you love your partner and give it to her as a gift for Valentine’s Day.
  7. Chocolates seem to be a traditional and common gift during this occasion but a homemade one can make it extra special. Here’s a tutorial on how to make heart-shaped chocolates that you can personalize for him.
  8. Is your partner on Instagram? Why not have his/her photos made into a book.  There are a lot of websites where you can have your Instagram photos and made into a photo book but you can also DIY this by just printing the photo and compile them in a photo album.  Check this tutorial from cremedelacraft.com.
  9. Let’s not forget those lovebirds who are on a long distance relationship. If you and your partner will not be together on Valentine’s Day, you can send him/her a care package filled with all the things he/she or both of you like.  You can also choose a theme for the package like having it filed with all things that are red in color.
  10. Valentine’s Shirts from PCI-Inspire

    Personalized stuff such as mugs, hoodies and tee-shirts are popular gifts as well.  To make it extra cheesy, why not get one for yourself as well? Matching couple shirts tend to appeal more to teenagers, but there’s no reason adults can’t have them too!

Here are some Valentine’s Day Tee Shirts from PCI-Designs and PCI-Inspire that you can purchase before Feb. 14th. All shirts retail for only $14.99!

Keep in mind that February 14 isn’t the only day for showcasing your love.  Make sure to make your partner feel loved every single day of the year.

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