How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

After weeks of partying, cooking, gift shopping and traveling, it’s now time to go back to reality.  Now that the holiday season is over, we are most likely left with a pile of work, a holiday weight gain and an empty social calendar.  Now that’s depressing!  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5 tips on how you can beat the post-Holiday blues:

  1. Plan some fun activities.

Fun times aren’t just limited to the holiday season.  Who said that you cannot plan for some fun activities after the New Year?  Plan a dinner or a movie night with your friends or your sister.  If family and friends aren’t available, you can still schedule different alone-time activities that can put you in a positive mood.  Having things planned and to look forward to can surely keep you happy and excited.

  1. Get active.

It’s time to shed those holiday weight gain.  Try a new activity that you haven’t tried before.   If you are bored with your old exercise routine, why not try a new one.    Enroll in a Yoga or Pilates class or try a new sport.  There options are endless.  Exercise does not only help in losing weight, it also releases mood boosting endorphins which can really put you in a happy state.

  1. Set your 2016 goals.

Start the New Year with new goals that will put you in an upward spiral.  Goal setting will keep you moving forward and motivate you in life.  Having a target and the motivation will help you achieve your highest potential.

  1. Change your routine.

The thought of going back to your old routine can put you in a bad mood.  So why not make some changes?  Start a new routine and ditch the things that made you unhappy the previous year.  Start with rearranging and redecorating your home to make you feel inspired and start anew.

  1. Don’t be sad.

Last but not the least, don’t dwell in despair and sadness.  Kick those blues away and be positive.  There are a lot of things too look forward to and be happy about.

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