How to Plan a Perfect Staycation

Now that 2016 has begun, it’s time to plan for a family vacation. However, with all the money spent and credit cards maxed out over the holidays, who would want to spend more for expensive plane tickets and hotel stays?

Don’t fret.  You can still plan for a fun and memorable “staycation” and save yourself some additional expenses.

First, what is a Staycation? It is a vacation that is spent in one’s home country rather than abroad or one spent at home involving local day trips or leisure activities done inside your own household.

In this article, I will share with you some Home Staycation ideas and tips to make it a perfect one for you and your family.

  • Decorate your home to mimic a hotel room or a resort – clean up, get new sheets, light some scented candles and buy fresh flowers.
  • During vacation, you don’t really cook for yourself. So why not have all your meals delivered even just for the weekend?  From Chicago-style pizza to your favorite Sushi takeout, the options are endless.
  • Aside from food, vacations aren’t complete without cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Stock on some of those or prepare your own cocktail ahead of time.  You can also prepare some pretty pitchers with iced water, lemon and cucumber slices if you are not into alcoholic drinks and of course, for the kids.
  • Get into your comfiest robe or pajamas and have a home pamper session. Light some candles, fill up your bath tub and indulge in a long, relaxing bath.  Scour the internet for some DIY homemade scrubs, mask and foot soaks that you and your family can enjoy.  Also, you can book a massage therapist who makes home service to amp up your pamper session.
  • Borrow or buy a tent and take a camping trip in your own backyard. This is an activity that the kids would surely enjoy.  Prepare some snacks, flashlights, blankets and sleeping bags and make some campfire s’mores.
  • Have your own film festival at home or binge-watch your favorite TV series. Pick up some popcorn, soda, nachos, hotdogs and other snacks that you can munch and share with the rest of the family.
  • If you don’t have your own pool at home, you can borrow or buy a kiddie pool, prepare some cocktails, juices and barbecue or just lounge with the sprinklers on and enjoy a family pool party.

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