10 Fun Activities to Help Your Kids Break Free from Electronics

Gone are the days when kids used to play outside, sell lemonades or build makeshift forts using blankets inside their bedrooms.  These days, children are stuck with their iPads or other electronics 24/7.  But it shouldn’t have to be that way.  As a parent or guardian, you should make sure that you also let them break free from using too much technology.  So here are 10 fun activities that you can do together.

Indoor Activities

• Encourage your kids to read more.  Nothing beats the good old paperback books.  Let them choose a book and read it to them. This is a great way to bond together.

• If your kids are old enough to help you in the kitchen,  you can bake or cook together.  There are a lot of kid-friendly recipes like a simple pasta dish, pizza, cupcakes and cookies.  It’s a good chance to also teach them about measurements and nutrition.

• Let them do arts and crafts.  Even though, you are not crafty yourself, you can still have fun and make creative projects with your kids.  There are a lot of simple DIY projects that you can find on Pinterest.  It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, what’s important is that you and your kid/s can enjoy the activity.

• Bring out some old toys and let them play with it.  I’m sure they already forgot about them so seeing those again will make them feel as if they are playing with brand new toys.

• Enroll them in a class – ballet, violin, piano, voice… there’s a lot to choose from.  Not will they learn a new skill, they will also have fun interacting with other kids. You can also opt for those teachers who offer lessons to your home.

Outdoor Activities

• Play classic games with them like Hopscotch, Jump-Rope, Jacks, Marbles and Hide and Seek.

• Encourage your child to do sports and other kid-friendly activities that are appropriate for their age.  If they are old enough to play contact sports, you can enroll them in classes like Basketball, Swimming… etc.  You can also share your own sports interest to your child or take them to local sporting events.

• Take them out to do nature activities such as stargazing, bird-watching, a trip to the zoo.

• Get your children to help you with gardening.    Let them choose what they want to plant and get them involved in the whole process. It’s a great way to teach them about nature, hard work and patience.

• Have a picnic with the whole family.  Let your kids help you prepare the set-up and the picnic snacks.  You can even invite other kids for a fun play date.

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