6 Clear Signs That You are Being Ghosted

In an era of dating sites here and there, finding a potential partner and setting up dates seem really easy.  As a result, “daters” these days also find it easy to just dispose unwanted partners and replace it with new ones.  This ease in the dating scene has made way for a new phenomenon called “ghosting”.

Ghosting is described as the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone for the purpose that the “ghostee” will just get the hint and leave the subject alone instead of the subject directly telling the person that he/she is no longer interested.

So if you are new to this modern dilemma, here are 6 signs that your potential lover is already ghosting you.

  1. They suddenly become too busy.

If the person really wants to see you, they will, no matter how demanding their schedule is, go and make an effort to do so.  So if they suddenly become too busy to make plans with you or worse, they don’t show up to the plans you make, then you are being ghosted.

2. They never message first and they take forever to respond.

This clearly shows how uninterested the person is to talk to you.  If you used to talk all the time and then this suddenly happens, obviously the person isn’t thinking about you anymore and doesn’t really care if you talk to each other or not.

3. If they do, they’re always short and simple.

“How are you?” – “I’m good.”

“Have you eaten?” “Yes.”

“What are you up to?” “Nothing much.”

Sure, a short reply doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being ghosted but if it seems like you are just talking to the wall because the person isn’t even interested to really have a decent “conversation”, then it’s a clear sign that the he/she is bringing communication to a slow, painful stop.

4. Then they stop replying.

This is pretty self-explanatory.  If you are receiving zero communication from their end, then I’m sorry but you have already been ghosted.

5. You are deleted and blocked from all their social media accounts.

In today’s modern digital world, social media is everything.  If you no longer see their posts and when you investigate, you find out that you have already been deleted or blocked then you have been virtually dumped.

6. You heard that the person is dating someone new.

What’s more official than this? Obviously, you’ve been ghosted, dumped and replaced.  Time to move on.

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