How to Make Her Forgive You



It happens to the best of us – we are only humans and are prone to making mistakes. But even the smallest things can cause a lot of pain and misfortune. And hurting somebody you love, even by accident, is perhaps one of the hardest things in life. So how bad did you mess up? And do you even have the slightest idea how to make up for what you did? Well, you just need to keep in mind a few simple things: women love attention and women adore great romantic gestures. You need to think fast and you need to think big. Perhaps, this idea would help you win back the heart of your loved one:

Pick the right moment

Of course, for this plan to work out, you will need some help from good old Mother Nature. So if you have managed to persuade her to give you a chance to talk and to justify your behaviour your scene is set. Imagine a rainy night…dark and gloomy and you see her, standing on the corner waiting for you; she is all wet from the rain, looking sad and defeated. For a moment, everything seems hopeless, it is pouring rain, and it is cold. The crows are looking down from the bare trees and the complete setting is sort of unsettling.

Theatrical but honest performance

Suddenly, you make your appearance. Just around the corner you step up in a heavy gray coat and in your hand there is a closed colourful umbrella. On the first glance she will probably think you are crazy. Why else would you carry a closed umbrella with you, when the rain is pouring down your face and your coat is completely sodden? But what she does not know that right there in your hand, lays the key to your redemption. So you walk up to her and open the colourful umbrella that says: Forgive me, I Love You.

Choose the words wisely

This will surely bring some tears to her eyes. Whatever you did, you will need to justify it. So use that moment to explain that you know you have made a mistake and that you wish to make things right again. It is important to make clear that you regret what you have done and that you seek her forgiveness. Huge gestures are important because they show how much effort you have put in your atonement. But what is more important is to convince your loved one that you are ready to work on your flaws and that you wish to change for the better.

Happy end



If you play your part well and truly mean every word you say, your partner will certainly not resist this type of gesture. And right there, wipe the tears from her cheeks, cover her with your love message branded umbrella and lean in for a kiss.

When all is said and done, take her by the hand and suggest a long walk home on the empty streets while the rain is still pouring down. There is nothing more romantic than a fresh and clean beginning with the rain helping you to wash away your mistakes.

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