5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is officially here and that means – it’s time for the traditional spring cleaning!  But who says that this just means scrubbing your home and throwing old clothes?  There are other ways to actually spring clean the rest of your life and make sure that you end this season decluttered and renewed.

So let’s begin…

1. Do Serious Decluttering

How about tweaking your traditional decluttering method and use the minimalist approach?  Minimalism is keeping only the things that add value to your life and remove those that distract you from it.  It is both a commitment and a lifestyle.  You don’t need to become a minimalist overnight but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Few golden rules for decluttering include:

  • No duplicates
  • No keeping things out of guilt/nostalgia
  • Get rid of things you haven’t use in a year
  • Don’t keep things for “future use” (like when you potentially lose weight, for example)

2. Declutter your Virtual Life

Yup, decluttering includes – your inbox, camera roll, hard drive and social media.  Trash those promo emails and unsubscribe from each.  Delete the gazillion “I woke up like this” selfies from your phone.  Update your phone apps.   Check your hard drive and delete unnecessary files.  You’ll thank yourself later for the massive increase in your storage size.

As for social media, why not unfollow toxic people that give you stress as you go through your feed?  Instead, subscribe or follow accounts that send out positive vibes through their posts.

3. Start Eating Clean

Stop eating junk and replace it with healthy meals instead.  It’s the perfect time to start your clean diet (and maybe a workout too?).  If you lack inspiration then try imagining a beach-ready body for summer… that might just motivate you.

4. Straighten Out Money-Matters

Get your finances in order.  Assess your current financial situation.   Check your monthly expenses and reevaluate what should stay and what to cut down.  Do you really need that cable subscription?  Or a Club membership?  Make necessary adjustments.  Again, you’ll thank yourself later.

5. Clear Your Mind and Heart

Last but definitely not the least, it’s time let go of the negative feelings – the anger, jealousy, grudges and hatred.  Make amends, forgive and forget the negative emotions that you have been holding in for a while.

Look for ways to deal with stress such as yoga and meditation.  Of course, you also have to strengthen your relationship with our Creator for spiritual growth.  It’s never too late.

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Toni is a regular contributing author on GuestRelationshipsBlog. She also likes to write about relationships, money, and health.
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