How to Protect Your Child from the Dangers of Technology

Technology knows no age.  These days, kids as young as 2 already own an iPad or know how to navigate a smartphone to open games.  In today’s digital era, it’s really easy to fall into the dangers of technology and just imagine how it could affect young minds.  As a parent, you have a very important role to protect your child from the risks and keep them safe online.

1. Spend quality time with your kids.

The more time you spend with them, the higher the chances to monitor what they are doing without invading their privacy.  Most parents are so busy with work and household chores that they prefer their kids to just sit in one corner and play with their tablets/phones but that’.  But there is so much to do instead of just playing games or watch YouTube videos online, which leads me to my next advice…

2. Encourage your kids to do non-techie indoor activities.

At a young age, introduce your child to indoor activities that don’t involve technology.  Encourage them to read educational books, play puzzles, board games… just anything that doesn’t have to do with gadgets, computers or television.

3. Set a schedule for gadgets or staying online.

Discuss with your child that there will be specific and fixed timings for him/her to watch tv, play with the computer, or use their smartphones/tablets.  Set the rules and stick with it.

4. Parental Controls.

Make use of online parental controls that you can easily set up on your browsers to create security and content filters for language, nudity, sex and violence.  Here are the best parental controls from that can get you started.

5. Teach them about the importance of privacy.

Instill in your children’s minds that privacy is very important and that revealing information such as real names, address and school can be very dangerous – this goes for their personal info as well as their family and friends’.

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