Stress Solutions for Busy Working Moms

According to statistics, 70% of US moms say that parenting is “incredibly stressful”.  On top of your responsibilities at work, you also need to buy groceries, cook for the family, do the laundry and help the kids with homework.  You have your parenting skills to worry about too; making sure that you raise and discipline your children well.

If not managed properly, stress can really lead to depression, anxiety or other health problems.  Also, it may cause problems with your work and your relationship with the members of the family.  Studies also show that your ability to manage stress is a strong factor that contributes to your child’s happiness.

So here are a few tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free and fun motherhood:

Take a break

This is a very helpful stress reliever.  You may not be able to avoid all the stress but you definitely have the option to get away from it even for just a bit.  If you can go out of the house, got to the salon or visit the mall.  But if you can’t, a few minutes to decompress inside your bedroom can help.  Listen to your favorite music, watch an episode of your favorite show or have a long, relaxing bath.

It’s also a must to schedule date nights with your partner.  Make sure to have at least one date night (or afternoon) every week without the kids.

Delegate the tasks

Who says that you have to do everything in the house?  Your husband should have a role in the house too and you can teach your kids a few chores if they are old enough to do so – such as setting up the table, cleaning up their own mess, or have older sibling/s help the younger one/s with homework.

Learn Deep Breathing or Meditation Exercises

This can help moderate stress and help the body relax.  So if you feel that stress is starting to build up, excuse yourself from everyone and do slow, deep breathing exercises.

Stay Active

Keeping your body active helps in minimizing stress.  Find a type of exercise that you really enjoy like walking, bike riding, swimming or dancing; you can even take your kids with you to make it even more enjoyable.  Not only will you able to work out, you’ll also be able to spend more quality time with your children.

Find a Support Group

Whether a family member, a friend or online groups/forums, it really helps to be able to share your concerns with other moms and be assured that you are not alone in this battle.  It will definitely reduce stress and anxiety as well as learn from how other moms cope and manage their super mom lives.

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