Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Break 2016

Spring break is here and if you are one of those who will travel this year, I can imagine how excited you must be.  But keep in mind that every vacation won’t always go perfectly as planned; there will always be a few mishaps here and there.  So if you are a Spring Break newbie, then here’s your ultimate guide to a memorable and fun Spring Break 2016 adventure.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Do your research beforehand.  Make sure to map out all activities and travel routes before heading onto your adventure.  “No plan is more fun,” they say (not for me though).  But are you really willing to waste your precious vacation time or shell out additional money? I don’t think so.

Check your Medical Insurance

Ensuring that your medical insurance will be accepted at your travel destination is very important.  Seeking medical attention can be pricey and what more if you don’t have an insurance available.  So make a call to your health insurance provider and inquire about it.  They may offer you something that will be really helpful in cases of emergency.

Get yourself a Travel Insurance

In order to protect yourself from lost luggage or belongings, flight delays and medical emergencies, it’s better to have a travel insurance plan ready.  Most plans even include 24/7 travel assistance services which is very helpful, especially for young adults.

Party Smart

Beach party, pool party, house party… what’s Spring Break without parties, right?  So make sure to be responsible when you are out.  Be aware of your limits, know the liquor rules, keep an eye on your drinks, always be with the people you went to the trip with and look out for each other.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun’s rays are really strong and unhealthy during this time so make sure to always wear sunscreen at all times… even when you’re not at the beach/pool.

Stay Hydrated

You may be out having fun all day, but don’t forget to drink loads and loads of water; especially when you are out all day under the sun.


Last but definitely not the least – HAVE FUN!  Meet new people, bond with your friends, enjoy good food and get a tan! You deserve this break so make it a Spring vacation to remember.

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