5 Signs you’re NOT Going to Get a Second Date

Thanks to a bunch of dating sites available out there, it’s almost too easy to snag a first date.  But getting a follow up?  That’s a problem.

First dates are amazing when both of you hit it up right away but what if one of you feels the other way around?  I’ve had a share of bad first dates and most of the time, the other half is left clueless and smitten… trying to pursue a second date while I’m there trying to let the person understand that it won’t just happen.

So here I am writing a blog post to help (and save) you fellas out there by rounding up the signs which clearly indicate that she is NOT into you… Don’t be that clueless dude who can’t read the signs.  Don’t worry, there’s still a lot of fish in the sea, just not this one.

1. There’s no eye contact.

Eye contact is a non-verbal cue that hints interest and the lack thereof means the opposite.  Although it can just be a sign of her being shy at first, not sustaining eye contact for the rest of the evening can mean that she is subconsciously turning down your attempt to connect because SHE FEELS NO CONNECTION AT ALL.

2. She is constantly on her phone.

Obviously, she is bored, uninterested and she can’t wait for the date to end.  Most probably, she’s already bashing (and embarrassing) you to her friends on a group chat… or maybe, she’s already planning an excuse for her to get out of the date ASAP.

3. She talks about her ex or her other dates that are on queue after yours.

The girl doesn’t care about your feelings at all and obviously, she’s not interested to see you again… and she wants you to know that without actually saying “hey I don’t like you.”  A piece of advice, don’t even think of trying to connect with her after the date.

4. She looks annoyed and mad (even when there’s no reason to be).

Yes, some girls just can’t hide it.  You can see it on their faces.  Sure the conversation is going well but what she feels and thinks radiate on how she looks.  Watch out for it.

5. She insists on paying or splitting the bill.

I know I know… it’s 2016 but there are still people out there who think that guys should pay on the first date (excluding me).  Sometimes, this can be an indicator that she’s not interested and doesn’t want to feel guilty about it.

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