5 Travel Destinations to Heal Your Broken Heart

Where do broken hearts go?  They travel.

Yes, traveling heals broken hearts.  It is the best way to be with yourself or with the people you love, a chance to break free, lose yourself and find it again, the perfect time to pick up the pieces and create a renewed and much stronger version of you.

You may want to sulk and just cry all day, I understand.  But trust me, that won’t help.  I suggest for you to go out and travel if you can because it can definitely help you deal with your breakup better and move on a little bit faster.

So here are 5 travel destinations go when trying to heal your broken heart:


After a series of cry-fests and sleepless nights, it’s the best time to relax and unwind.  So why not hit the “Spa Capital of Asia”, Thailand?  Enjoy the different exotic and world-class spa treatments that can get your mind off of the heartache.  By visiting Thailand, you get to pamper yourself in paradise because it is also the home of the best beaches in the world.

Now, if you are up for some crazy partying to celebrate your newly single life, enjoy the “Full Moon Party” in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand, which is an all-night beach party that takes place every month on the night of, before or after the full moon.  Here, you get to dance and party to a wide spectrum of music with the locals and other tourists.


Speaking of parties, how about traveling to the “Party capital of the World”?  Ibiza is no doubt, the best place to let loose, get crazy and celebrate single-hood!  This city in Spain is the mecca for party lovers.  Enjoy dancing and partying in world-class night clubs all day and forget about that person who broke your heart.


Like in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, Julia Roberts traveled to India to heal her broken heart.  If you want to seek serenity and spirituality, this country is definitely the perfect place to find it.  You get to meditate, pray, do yoga and experience a different culture.

Disney World

What better way to cure the sadness than going to the happiest place on Earth?  Disneyland can surely distract you from a broken heart and give you that instant happiness that you are longing for.  Enough said.

South Africa

There are a lot of volunteer travel opportunities available where you get to travel and help the world at the same time and of them is South Africa which includes projects that involve education, HIV/Aids awareness, sports development, healthcare, orphan care and wildlife.  By doing this, you do not only heal your broken heart, but heal other people’s lives as well by helping them to make it better.

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