Helpful Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding


beach-926984_960_720Summer is almost here… a perfect time to have your beach wedding.  Whether you are planning to have it at an exotic destination or just a beach nearby, this type of wedding is really fun and unique but can be challenging at the same time.

I’ve rounded up a few tips and advice to help you pull off the best beach wedding ceremony to remember.

Ensure privacy.

First of all, choose an area where you are allowed to set up a secluded ceremony.  Keep in mind that not all beaches and resorts are private, so unless you want the general public to attend your nuptial, then make sure that you arrange everything including the required paper works to ensure your privacy while you wed.

Avoid the high temperatures.

A ceremony at the beach side means that you have to endure the high temperatures, and it’s not good especially to your elder guests and kids.  To avoid the heat, consider a morning or sunset ceremony… or choose a shady spot on the beach.  Don’t forget to check what the weather will be on your wedding day, as well as the tide schedule.  You don’t want the water to creep up on you while you say your “I Do’s,” right?

Dress accordingly.

A seaside wedding isn’t the time for ball gowns and high heels.  Instead, the bride, groom and the guests should go for lightweight attire.  Cotton, crepe, chiffon, charmeuse and linen are suitable fabrics for a beach wedding.

Inform your guests.

Make sure that your guests know where the ceremony will be held so that they can dress appropriately and be prepared for the sun, wind and the sand.

Prep your guests for the sun.

It’s a great idea to have refreshers, bottled water, travel-sized sunscreen, towels and hand fans handy during the ceremony.  You can include these necessary items in the welcome bags or just put up a small station near the guests.

“Wind-proof” your decorations.

Go for LED candles, weigh your menus and napkins with heavy decorations like shells for example, stay away from breakable items and make sure to have your florists secure your centerpieces, flowers…etc.  You don’t want things to topple and fly away during your wedding, right?

Have a backup plan.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is unpredictable, so since you are having your wedding outdoors, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to have a backup plan.  Make arrangements in advance to rent a tent/canopy ready, or an alternate indoor location in case it rains.

Just relax and enjoy.

Last but not the least, don’t stress yourself and just enjoy!  This is your day and you are going to marry the love of your life – how exciting is that?

Best Wishes!

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