How to Manage Mild Anxiety before Seeking Professional Help

There are different levels of anxiety.  For some it’s severe, debilitating and crippling that needs professional help and medications, while others deal with anxiety that doesn’t involve medical intervention.  However, it doesn’t matter what type of anxiety you are dealing with… whether it’s mild or severe, suffering from anxiety is hard and it can impact your life.

If you are uncertain whether you are dealing with mild or severe anxiety, you can start by taking a few tests online.

Whatever result you get, know that you are not alone.  Help yourself manage anxiety with these tips:

Always make sure to take a break.

Life can be overwhelming and juggling work, family and relationships is tough.  It’s the ultimate source of stress and anxiety.  But don’t let it eat you up.  It is okay to take a time-out, away from all the stress and pressure that life is throwing you at.

Whatever makes you happy and relax, do it because you deserve it.   Whether it’s a massage, a mani/pedi or a fancy meal – it’s very important to be generous to yourself and give yourself positive reinforcement in order to avoid stress and anxiety take over.

Get organized.

Nothing makes you more anxious than having all these mental notes of “to-do’s” rumbling inside your brain.  That’s why it’s very helpful if you own a planner or just your phone calendar to manage your schedules and visually see everything.  The stress of remembering everything or mentally planning will be taken off your shoulders.  An organized life means an organized mind which helps you avoid feeling anxious.

Get healthy and fit.

Overall health is important for someone with anxiety.  Eat healthy and well-balanced meals; limit alcohol/caffeine because it can aggravate anxiety.  Also get enough sleep because adequate rest can help a lot.  As for exercise, studies say that it can relieve anxiety and depression.  So make sure to exercise daily… even just a 10-minute walk.  Changes in your diet and fitness can definitely make a difference to your mood and sense of well-being.

Do what you love.

Oftentimes, anxiety develops when you are pressured to do what others expect and want you to do.  Remember that your life is yours and you are in charge.  Don’t do things you hate just to make others happy because it will just leave you anxious, stressed and depressed.

Limit your time on Social Media.

Nowadays, social media is not anymore about connecting people but a tool to promote a pretend “perfect life” for others to see.  For someone dealing with anxiety, seeing other people’s “perfect and always happy” life can trigger the feeling of anxiety.  Don’t compare yourself with these people and don’t be pressured to project a life that is “social media worthy”.  Trust me, limiting your time on social media is one of the best things that you can do for your mental health.

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