Meeting His Parents for the First Time?  Here’s what you should do.



Meeting your guy’s parents is nerve-wracking and can be very intimidating.  However, you have to put the anxiety aside and focus on how you can leave a good first impression and make them like you.

Here are some tips and ideas that you should do and avoid to prepare yourself for that big day.

Dress properly.

First impressions are made fast and most of the time, you tend to read a person’s character based on how he/she dresses up.  So make sure to leave those plunging neckline and short skirts hidden inside your closet for now.  Go for simple, classic and conservative when meeting his parents.

Go easy on the makeup.

If you are the type who really wears makeup every day, just go for the simple, no makeup-makeup look. No need for false eyelashes, thick eyeliner or bold lipstick.  Just look presentable, fresh and cute.

Bring a gift or two.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Maybe some baked goodies or flowers, anything to show thoughtfulness and appreciation that they invited you over.

Give compliments.

Compliment his parents, most especially his mom!  Show her that you appreciate the meals she prepared, how the house is decorated and how beautiful their home is.

Offer to help out.

Don’t just sit there and do nothing.  Ask if you can help out in any preparations or offer to help clean the dishes and tidy up the table.  Your willingness to help out is a sure-fire way to put up a good impression.  But of course, you have to be sincere about it.

Carry a conversation.

This is not a job interview so don’t expect to just be there to answer questions.  For sure, parents will ask a lot of stuff about you so be prepared, but it is also important to engage them in a real conversation.  Don’t be afraid to share things about you and also ask them about their family and their memories.  It will show them that you actually care about them and that you are interested to get to know them more.

Don’t forget your manners.

Be respectful at all times and mind your manners in place.  Don’t be rude.

Save the PDA.

It’s natural for two people who like/love each other to show a little bit of affection in public but just cut back the PDA while meeting the parents.  Save it for some other time.

Don’t get stuck on your phone.

Now is not the time to check your messages and likes.  It’s really rude if you keep on checking your phone while you are there meeting the family.

Be yourself.

Don’t worry about it too much or try to act fake because they’ll know.  So just be yourself and stay true.  I know that it can be a struggle but just loosen up, smile and enjoy the moment.

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