5 Signs That Mean You Should Walk Away From Your Partner

Sometimes, when you have been seeking for love and has finally met someone, you tend to overlook the red flags because of your desperate need to be in a relationship.  I don’t know what your reason is, but let’s get real here, I’m sure that a lot of you are guilty of that.  Even though you feel in your heart that it’s not going to last long, you still risk it just to give love a shot.

Coming from someone who had that experience, I gave someone a chance even though I felt that it’s not going to work and a lot of people were against it.  But because I’m a firm believer of giving people chances, I ignored my gut feel and what other people said about him.  I went on with the relationship despite the red flags.  Fast forward to today, I can honestly say that I regret everything because it had a huge negative effect on me.  Yes, it didn’t work out.  Oh well, things happen for a reason.

So ladies, let me be your big sister here and advise you on a few signs that should signal you to just walk away from the relationship. ASAP.

1. Your gut-feel tells you that something is off.

My intuition was screaming that something was off and I chose to ignore it.  I know that it wasn’t going to last long in the first place and I felt like the whole relationship was forced.  I was stressed and filled with anxiety.  So as cliché as it sounds, trust your instincts because when something feels off, it definitely is.

2. You never think about the future with your partner.

When you’re really in love, you want it to last forever.  But when you dread the idea of ending up with that person, then it’s a BIG SIGN that you should pack your bags and leave.

3. The emotional connection was starting to fade.

For these kinds of whirlwind romances, usually it’s pure infatuation.  You get caught up with your emotions, thinking that you are in love when in fact, you are not.  Eventually, you feel that the emotional connection starts to fade, the passion isn’t there anymore and you are not even excited about being together.  Then comes the arguments… it’s going to be a domino effect that will affect the rest of your relationship.

4. You stopped caring.

Of course you still care for the person but what I meant here is that you are already at a point where you don’t mind if you guys aren’t talking to each other or meeting frequently unlike before.

5. You feel alone.

The worst thing a partner can do to you is to make you feel alone even when you are together.  In my experience, I was always lonely during the whole span of the relationship.  I feel like I can’t tell him about my problems and if I do, I felt like I was being judged instead of being comforted.  It’s normal for people in relationships to feel sad sometimes but to feel alone?  That’s the worst feeling in the world and that tells you a lot about your partner.  Never ignore that.

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