Fun Activities for You and Your Dad on Father’s Day

Quality time is the best gift that you can give to a loved one.  So for this upcoming Father’s Day, why not make it extra special by planning an activity that your dad will really enjoy and remember for a long time.  It’s the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your Dad, make sure it’s a memorable one.

Here are fun activities that you can do with your dad:

Take him out for a ball game.  Whether he’s into basketball or baseball, you can take him at a pro basketball/baseball game.  If not, I’m sure that there’s a local minor league that you can watch nearby.

Go bowling.  This is a fun activity that you can do with the whole family.  Bowling is always right up in every dad’s alley.  Younger kids will enjoy this too.

Play golf.  Whether your dad and you are pros or not, an afternoon of golf is surely fun.

If your dad loves the outdoors, take him to go camping.  You can pitch a tent together, build a campfire and reminisce about the memories of you growing up.  It’ll be a memorable activity, no doubt.  You can even start a camp tradition and make it happen every year.

Most dads (if not all) are into cars.  Check out local car clubs online to find car shows nearby of vintage or modern cars.

You’re dad has been working his ass off for years so why not give him a relaxing activity on Father’s Day.  If your dad is into being pampered, book him a luxurious massage, hair cut or professional shave and one for you too. Dads deserve to be pampered too!

For the music lover dad, check if there’s a concert of his favorite artists.  It may not be on the day of Father’s Day but it’s still a great gift that you can give him.  It’ll be very memorable and even more memorable because you are with him.  If none, you can go to a pub or bar that has a band that plays the type of music that he likes.

Artsy dads will enjoy a trip to an art museum or gallery.  He’ll really appreciate it even more because you are there with him.

If your dad is a great cook or a foodie lover, sign up for a one-day cooking class together and learn something new.  Also a great way to impress mom!

If you really want to go all out for this year’s Father’s Day, plan a getaway with just you and your dad.  Pick a destination that your Dad has always dreamed of going and surprise him.

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