Your Guide to Choosing the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away and now is the perfect time to plan for fun activities for your kids.  Aside from family vacation trips, summer camps are also great for them to have fun, meet new friends and learn new skills.  As a parent, it’s important to plan with your kids on which camp to choose.  But with so many options, it can be very challenging.

Here is your guide to choosing the perfect summer camp for your child/ren:

1. Prioritize your child’s interest.

First and foremost, know what your child is into.  You can just send them to a camp that YOU like but they despise.  Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for them to learn new skills or enhance what they already have.  Talk to your child about what he/she wants to try to ensure that they will really enjoy their time.

2. Check your own schedule.

During summertime, there are a lot of family trips planned so remember to check your calendars have these things sorted out.  Also, consider the camp schedule and your shifts at work to make sure that you or somebody else can bring and pick your kid up from camp.

3. Consider the location.

This is also very important.  Are you okay with your kids camping a bit far?  Are you willing to drive twice each day to that location?

4. Evaluate your budget.

Prices of summer camps vary from expensive to a bit less, so be realistic.  Consider a budget that you can afford.  Figure out the average expenses that you might be spending each week and set a budget for that in advance.  Some camps also offer scholarships so you might want to inquire about that.

5. Check for reviews and feedbacks.

Ask your fellow parents, kid’s teachers and counselors on their recommendations or feedback about certain summer camps you are currently eyeing on.

6. Ask about the staffing.

Inquire about how the counselors are, the ratios, and if they are first-aid and CPR-certified.  Also confirm that the camp is accredited by the American Camp Association.

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