3 Major Things to Consider Before Moving In with Your Partner

Are you and your partner considering moving in together?  Well, this is a huge milestone in your relationship and a new chapter to embark in both of your lives.  However, as easy as it may sound, moving in isn’t just about sharing a space with your lover or being together almost 24/7, there’s a lot more than that.

To help you out, here are 3 things to consider before you finally make the big leap.

1. The “bad” habits.

We all have our own annoying habits, admit it.  But sometimes we are able to “control” these things as soon as we step outside our home.  Expect that once you and your partner live together, you might just discover certain habits that you never knew before – and some of them might be potential deal breakers.  If you are really serious about moving forward with your relationship, keep in mind that there should always be “compromise” and acceptance.  You can’t just set rules and expect your partner to follow and change right away, but it can happen.  So once you have decided to move in together, take time to sit and discuss about what each dislikes or cannot tolerate in order to ensure harmony in your new home and in your relationship.

2. The “money” talk.

Money is the leading cause of divorce in America, according to researchers in Kansas State University.  I know that there isn’t a marriage contract involved in your relationship yet but it kinda is the same thing anyway.  Both of you have different size of income, personal expenses and other financial responsibilities, so make sure to talk about what works for the both of you when it comes to paying for utilities, rent, groceries, etc.

3. Personal space.

Obviously, moving in with your partner means that you have to let go of having a private space all for yourself.  But having more access into his/her personal life doesn’t mean that you can step into his/her personal space.  You have to learn that there are boundaries too and that you should maintain the respect of privacy when moving together if you want your relationship to last.

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