4 Ways to Still Have Fun Despite Having to Work this Summer

How I wish that I can turn back time and get the 3 months break when summertime comes.   But unlucky for most of us adults, we have obligations and responsibilities a.k.a. a job to keep.

I envy those people my age who can still manage to bask in the sun all weekend, jump from one country to another and partying all night.  But hey, enough with the self-pity.  Who says that you can’t have fun while maintaining good performance at work?

Here are 4 ways you can do to have fun this summer despite having to work every day.

1. Try to work outdoors.

Change it up by working outdoors.  If your workplace allows outdoor working, take your laptop or some paper works with you and find a good spot near your office.  It’s fun to be able to change up the routine and get some needed sun exposure too.

2. Make the most of your weekends.

As adults, we don’t get the much needed 3-month-off so make the most of the 2 days off instead.  Make sure that you are doing something during the weekends besides running errands and catching up with chores.  Schedule a me-time or a weekend with the family or your friends and take time to spend time outside your home.  Summer is also the perfect time to take one of those scattered personal days and spend it to relax and unwind because you deserve it.

3. Ditch the gym, go for an outdoor workout.

The options are endless when it comes to fitness activities that you can do when the weather warms up.  The gym can wait this winter season.  For now, go out for a run outdoors, swim, go for a hike, you’re your bike… etc.

4. Take some time off from Social Media.

Let’s admit it, seeing photos of people enjoying a summer vacation is somewhat depressing when you are stuck being and adult at work and at home.  Trust me, the less time you spend on social media, the happier you will be.


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