5 Tech Tools for Planning the Perfect Wedding

In this day and age, we are lucky to have the technology that can help us make everything easier and more organized.  What better way to make use of the digital trend than to use it for planning the perfect wedding?  We all know how stressful wedding planning can be.

Here are 5 tech tools to help you enjoy and simplify the complicated (and stressful) journey to your wedding day.

1. Pinterest

INSPIRATION!  The first step in Wedding Planning is a vision of how you want your big day to be.  From your theme, dresses, flowers, décor… etc., Pinterest is the perfect online tool that you can use to search for inspiration and creative ideas.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that allows users to share, discover and save creative ideas.  You can create your own Secret or Public board where you can organize collected “pins” of photos and bookmarks of wedding inspirations.  You’ll definitely find unique and quirky ideas that are already linked to websites of vendors and services which make reservations or inquiries easier.

2. Here comes the guide

The website has a Wedding and Reception Venue directory where you can see an extensive list of venues according to your area.  Each venue on the list has all the info that you need – photos, capacity, site views, venue type, amenities, fees, deposits and more.   This way, you already get the idea of what the venue offers before sending an inquiry.

3. Snapknot

Photographs are important factors in every wedding.  When everything else is packed up and put away, the wedding pictures stay.  That’s why looking for a professional photographer is something that you should really spend time on.  Thanks to Snapknot.com, you get to find the best local wedding photographers that fit your budget.  The site offers a list of sample photo portfolios and local photographers within your area.

4. Zola

Minimize the hassle of clutter by actually receiving gifts that you really need.  Online registry is the perfect chance to create a wish list for your home and your new life together as husband and wife.  Not only will it benefit you, but your guests as well.  At least they won’t have a hard time searching for the perfect gift (that you might not even use).

Zola is your all-in-one place to put together a list of brands, experiences and even cash funds organized on your own personal page.  The site even offers an “Add to Zola” button that you can install on your browser to easily add items/experiences from other sites to your registry.

5. Wedding Happy

With all the planning, it’s normal to get lost in track at times.  To help you with that, download the free WeddingHappy app to customize a to-do list for your wedding.  You also get to export and email schedules and wedding details to family, friends or wedding planner.  The app also has a Payments tab for you to track your budget and expenses.

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