6 Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun this Summer


Are you looking for ways to enjoy summer without spending a fortune?  If you are looking for a solo activity or things to do with your family or your friends, I got you covered.  Summer fun doesn’t have to be expensive, like what the famous line says – (some of) the best things in life are free.

1. Beat the heat with water activities.

Summer isn’t summer without hitting the water.  So get in your favorite swimwear and take a dip on your backyard or community pool.  Not only that it’s a fun activity with your family and friends, it’s a great exercise too.  No pool? No problem.  Use your garden hose and play water games with your kids.  Water gun tag is fun too!

2. Prep for a beach-ready body.

Speaking of exercise, how about use summer as a motivation to get in shape?  Take advantage of the warm weather and burn calories while doing fun outdoor activities like biking, running, hiking, swimming and more.

3. Learn something new.

Be productive this summer and learn something new.  You don’t need to spend money on classes or workshops – all you need is an internet connection.  With the help of YouTube, you can discover new recipes and DIY projects… learn how to play an instrument, a new choreography and even learn how to put on make-up.  The YouTube world definitely has a lot to offer.

4. Have a garage sale.

If you want to do some serious summer cleaning and earn money at the same, a garage sale is a fun way to do this.  You can do this with the whole family and even with your friends too.

5. Be a tourist in your own hometown.

I’m sure that there’s still a lot to discover in your own neighborhood.  You can visit the local museum, have picnic at the park, check out the farmer’s market and probably discover (or re-discover) your hometown cuisine.

6. Volunteer/Do charity work.

Lastly, have fun while giving back.  There are a lot of volunteer activities that you can sign up for like helping an elderly, volunteer as a dog walker or help out at your neighborhood’s events.  The options are endless when it comes to helping and giving back.

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