8 Helpful Tips When Traveling with your Kids

Are you traveling with your kids this summer?  Sounds exciting!  But I can imagine the horror.  Yes, traveling with kids can sometimes be a nightmare but it’s all worth it though.  Being able to travel with the whole family is a special and wonderful experience.  Here are my helpful tips on how you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation with your kids.

1. Pack only what you need.

PACK LIGHT.  This time, take it seriously.  Make sure that your personal bag is either a body bag or a back pack to make sure that you have your hands (or at least one hand) free to hold your child.  You will be running around chasing your kid/s so make sure that you are not carrying a heavy load.  And oh, wear comfy shoes too!

2. Don’t forget the stroller.

Even if your child is already walking, I still advise you to take a stroller with you.  For sure you will be walking a lot during your vacation and having a stroller saves you from carrying your child when he/she is asleep or exhausted from walking.

3. Break up your flights.

If you are traveling internationally, make sure to break up flights for your kid/s to handle the long airplane ride easier.

4. Pack lots of snacks and child necessities.

Make sure to pack lots of TSA-approved snacks and extra set of clothes, underwear, diapers and wipes.  Also pack as needed medications for your kids in case something happens during the flight.

5. Bring entertainment.

Bring a couple of toys that your child really loves and make sure to charge your tablet and load it with lots of shows and games.

6. As much as possible, stick to one hotel.

Don’t stress yourself by changing hotels every other day.  Now that you are traveling with your kids, it’s better to build your trip around few and nearby locations – just choose one hotel and stick to it.

7. Plan Fun Activities for Everyone

Mix in adult activities and kid-specific ones so that everybody will enjoy the trip.

8. Allocate down time.

Kids need rest so make sure to set a schedule where you will be back to your hotel during their nap time.  You can even take advantage of that time and take turns with your partner exploring the city.

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