The Best Digital Tools for Long Distance Relationships

Whether it’s your partner, friend or family, keeping a healthy connection is quite challenging if you are away from each other.  Keeping the romance alive in normal relationships is already hard, what more for those couples in a long distance relationship?   But thanks to technology, staying connected is far less of an issue than it is before the digital age.

Back in the day, I remember the expensive phone calls my dad had to make when he was working abroad for just a few minutes of conversation.  Today, it’s very easy (and way cheaper) to call, text, chat and even make video calls with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

I’ve rounded up 6 of the best digital tools that you can use to stay connected with your significant other, dear friends, or family members:


Of course, the ever reliable go-to tool is Skype.  You can download it for free on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and easily switch in between devices.  On Skype, you can send messages, make voice/video calls, share screen and even heavy files.  It also allows video conference where you can make video calls as a group – perfect for family, friends or colleagues.  There is also an option where you can call or send text messages directly to a mobile or landline at a low cost.


If you want a tool that connects to your Google account, then you can try Hangouts.  It is basically the same with Skype – voice/video calls, instant messaging, conference, file sharing, etc.  The files and images that you share are automatically saved in a private Google+ album which makes it easier to access in the future.

Facetime and iMessage

Now, if you and whoever you want to connect with owns an Apple device, Facetime and iMessage are the best apps to use.  These two are the default free video, call and messaging services for all iOS users.  You can create Chat Groups on iMessage but not group calls on Facetime.


This is a fun app to use and is available for free on Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry.  Just like Skype and Hangouts, you can use Viber for voice/video calls, file sharing and chat.  Its messaging service is really fun because you get to download free and paid stickers that you can exchange with your friends or significant other.  There is also a public group chat that you can join or make your own chat group with your friends or family.


A popular app among Millennials, Snapchat is a very unique messaging and social media service to use.  This platform allows you to send disappearing messages, photos, stickers and real time videos directly to your contacts or your “story” (or feed).  It also has a lot of fun filters to make your selfies even more exciting.

Facebook Messager

Okay, if your friend, lover or family member doesn’t have all the apps mentioned above, I’m sure that they have a Facebook account, am I right?  You can create group chats here where all the members can actually be in a voice call conference – imagine how fun and rowdy that would be if you are talking with all your friends from all over the world!  You can also send photos, stickers, voice messages and GIFs for added fun.

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