5 Hacks to Make Road Trip Fun and Enjoyable

Long road trips can be really fun but it can be boring and exhausting too.  It can  jump start your vacation in a positive or negative way.   It’s definitely a true test of patience.

Don’t worry, here are 5 tips and tricks to keep everyone sane and entertained.

1. Plan, but don’t plan too much.

They say spontaneity is the key to fun and the best plan is no plan, well I agree.  However, you don’t want to ruin the trip with minor (or probably) major stressors like low fuel and not knowing where the nearest gas station is.   Just make sure to know where the gas stations are and plot out your stops or where to stay overnight if needed.

2. Have the perfect playlist.

Having the perfect “soundtrack” sets the mood of your road adventure.  Put together a mix of different songs that everyone in the car will like.  How fun it is to sing along and jam with your passengers?  If you are traveling as a family, make sure that you also have a playlist of jams that your teenager will like.  I mean, you don’t want to bore them with 90’s music for 15 hours, right?

3. Pack a lot of snacks.

You don’t want hAngry passengers, right?  Prepare some healthy go-to snacks to make sure that no one gets hungry while you are in the middle of nowhere.  Pack a cooler to keep your food fresh and water cold.

4. Bring games or make up your own.

To keep everyone awake and energized, bring some boredom busters or make your own road trip games like some card or trivia games.

5. Take turns in driving.

Evenly splitting the driving can help keep sanity during your road trip.  Map out your trip and plan how you will be taking turns.

Happy Road tripping!

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