6 Places You Should Visit in Your Twenties

Traveling in your early 20’s is such a fun and carefree experience that you will ever have in your entire lifetime.  Now that I am 28, I don’t think I have enough patience to deal with other rowdy backpackers, have the stamina to party all night and the confidence to try crazy, new things.  

So if I can turn back time, these are the places that I’d want to travel if I was still young, wild and free.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh Amsterdam, the home of all things crazy.  It’s a combination of history, culture and fun.  The city looks very artsy which youngsters will definitely love (not that older people can’t appreciate art).  Twenty-somethings will definitely love the freedom, the night life and the friendliness of the locals.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Las Vegas is renowned for gambling, shopping, fine dining, night life and a lot of crazy things.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The home to the world’s famous street parties and incredible beaches, Brazil is the perfect destination if you love music, dancing, beach and partying all day and night.  If you are planning to visit Rio, book your trip during the Carnival festival that is held before Lent.

4. Nepal

If you want a cheap, adventure-filled backpacking destination, Nepal is the country for you.  Home to Mount Everest and the Garden of Dreams, Nepal has been a classic destination for backpackers on a budget.

5. India

For the confused twenty-something who wants to find the meaning and purpose in life, India is a destination for spiritual journey.  The country is rich in holy places, a mix of the world’s major religions, traditions and rituals.  If you want to seek knowledge and awareness, India is a must-visit.

6. Hong Kong

Enjoy  authentic  Chinese cuisine, shop till you drop in bargain places or designer stores, embrace the kid in you and have fun at HK Disneyland, Ocean Park, Wax Museum, Victoria Harbour and more.  Without a doubt, this city offers the best food, entertainment and shopping experience.

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