6 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

Keeping a happy marriage isn’t easy.  Not all couples are lucky enough to have smooth relationships and happy endings.   When things get rough, it is very important to sort out the indifference and solve the problems as early as possible.  The rate of divorce has been increasing rapidly and it’s quite alarming.  Sometimes, you actually need outside help to maintain or rebuild your relationship.

If you are struggling with your marriage but don’t know what to do, here are 5 good reasons to seek marriage counseling ASAP.

1. When you communicate negatively or not anymore.

In my opinion, communication is the most important pillar of a successful relationship.  It is what keeps everything together.  Without it, misunderstandings and problems arise.  It usually starts with a negative communication wherein one or both feel disregarded, depressed, insecure and hurt.  Eventually you just get tired, withdraw from the conversation and just stop communicating.

2. When you don’t know what’s happening to your partner anymore.

In relation to the lack of communication, not knowing anything about what your partner does, thinks or feels is alarming.  It’s either your partner doesn’t share anything with you anymore or it’s you who lack interest to do so.  It is important to understand why you reached to this point and how to recover from this.

3. When you try to recover from affair.

Either you or your partner or probably both had an affair, it takes a lot of work to rebuild the lost trust and the shattered relationship.  If you are willing to salvage the relationship and are committed to do this, marriage counseling and therapies are very important in this process.

4. When the couple is not happy with each other anymore.

You are becoming more like roommates rather than two people married and in love.  If you feel like you already lack communication, emotional connection, fun and intimacy, this just indicates the need for professional help.

5. When you constantly fight about money.

Money tops the list of the many reasons why couples file for divorce.  If you and your partner constantly fight about finances, it’s probably the best option to have a professional meddle in between.

6. When you have different parenting styles and philosophies.

As parents, you should agree and complement each other when it comes to disciplining and nurturing your children.  If you frequently argue on how to raise your children, it is highly suggested that you go for marriage counseling because your children will be strongly affected.

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