4 Ways to End a Toxic Relationship

You are in a relationship because you want to be loved and respected not to be treated poorly, abandoned, abused, ignored and disrespected.  If your partner treats you this way, then you are in a toxic relationship.  On my previous article, I talked about the different signs that you should watch out for in order to identify whether you are in a toxic relationship or not.

Of course we all want to save our relationships but when it just keeps on repeating and repeating then I guess it’s time to end it.  There is no point in staying in a relationship where one or both parties are unhappy.

Know your value.

Think about yourself – you don’t deserve to be treated poorly.  Once you see your value as a person, it will be easier for you turn your back from this person and let go of the unhealthy, toxic relationship that you and your partner have.

Get support from family and friends.

If you are in doubt, seek help from family and friends.  The people outside your relationship can actually see the real picture and open your eyes in case you are in denial.  No matter what the reason is, a break up is still painful so surround yourself with the people who love you and get support from them.

Look at the positive side.

Think about the perks and the benefits if you end your relationship.  You won’t have to deal with all the negativity anymore.  More freedom; less stress, anxiety and problems.  It’s a great way to bribe yourself too.  Reward yourself with something that you weren’t able to do when you were still in the relationship.

Stop all possible contact.

Last but not the least, you need to strictly stop all possible contact with your ex-partner.  Toxic relationships are usually cyclical so to prevent going back to zero, you need to end everything and strive for no contact.  At the first part of the breakup, you are most likely vulnerable so having contact will put you at risk of going back to your toxic ex and putting yourself to that toxic situation again.

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