5 Helpful Tips When Preparing for Back to School

Oh, where did summer go?  It’s the end of August which means that back to school is just around the corner… like really, really close.  Going back to school after an epic summer vacation is a struggle not only for your kids but for you, parents as well.  So here are a few tips and ideas to ensure a smooth transition to back to school.

1. Back to School shopping.

New stuff – probably the only thing kids are excited about when going back to school.  (Admit it, it was your favorite back to school ritual too when you were a kid.)  Get your children psyched up for school by making a “shopping list” together and have them tag along when shopping day comes.  There are tons of back to school deals available in stores and online.

2. Get back into the routine.

During summer time, kids get to sleep and wake up later than usual since there’s no school.  Don’t wait till the first day of the school to adjust their schedules back.  Start getting back to the old routine at least a week before school starts.  Make sure that your children have at least 9-12 hours of sleep every night.

3. Refresh their memory.

Some parents give their kids workbooks during the summer but for those who don’t, now is the time to do that.  Prepare your child for the upcoming school year and help them practice and refresh their memory.  You can buy the appropriate workbooks online or in bookstores for your child but remember not to overload them with tons of assignments.

4. Reconnect with old friends.

Arrange a play date for your kids and their school friends to make them comfortable when school starts.  If it’s a new school then this practice is strongly suggested.  You can try to meet up with parents and acquaint your child with other kids in their grade level.  Taking time to visit the school is also a great way to get your kids familiar with the environment.

5. Plan a new schedule.

Take time to sit with your child a week before the first day of school and discuss the new routine.  It’s great to have a written daily schedule that your kid can post in his/her room.  Let him/her write down everything that he/she needs to do everyday including the wake-up time, bedtime, study time, extracurricular activities, etc.


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