5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in your Long Term Relationship

Whether you are married or not, the goal in every long-term relationship is to keep the romance alive.  You see, romance is an essential part of a successful relationship.  But for those who have been together for a really long time, romantic love sometimes fade into companionship… more like two people who love each other rather than a couple who is IN love with each other.  But not all couples are lucky to have relationships that last for a lifetime; others end up breaking up or getting a divorce even after decades of being together.

I understand how life events and responsibilities can be overwhelming at times but keep in mind that a successful relationship requires effort, individually and as a couple.

I may not be a relationship expert but here’s my advice on how you can keep the flames burning in your long term relationship.

1. Communicate regularly.

I’ve always believed that communication is the most important pillar in every successful relationship.  Losing the communication opens up a box of negativities – misunderstandings, lies, disrespect and disagreements.  Communication isn’t just about talking.  You don’t just listen to what they say but what their actions say as well.  You don’t need to talk to each other 24/7 but make sure that you take time to sit and talk with your partner every day.  Open communication is also a great way for you and your loved one to share desires, sentiments and dreams.  A tool to strengthen your bond and make you closer.

2. Have a date night at least once a week.

No matter how busy you are, make sure to allot at least one night (or day) every week for a date without the kids… just you and your spouse.  But remember to not make this as a “chore” or a part of the routine.  It has to be special and meaningful for the both of you.  Taking each other on surprise dates is even more fun… a great way to shake things up.

 3. Always be grateful.

Don’t take the little things for granted and that includes the little things that your partner does for you and for your kids.  Let your significant other know how much you appreciate what he or she does and how thankful you are for having him/her in your life.

4. Try to look good for your significant other.

I know that after so many years, your spouse has already accepted who or what you are.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to stop looking your best, right?  It’s a secret that no one really wants to admit.  Try to stay healthy, fit and look your best to maintain that attractiveness and continue attracting your partner every day.

5. Always remember to laugh.

Don’t take life way seriously.  Like what the famous quote says, laughter is the best medicine.  Problems are never ending – you just need to know how to deal with it and not allow these things to beat your relationship.  Always bring a daily dose of laughter into your relationship.  The more you laugh together, the more you enjoy being together.

6. Surround yourself with happy couples.

Bring the positive vibes and spend time with friends and family who value romance, love and relationships.  Try to stay away from those who are bitter about love (haha).  Trust me, it’s contagious.

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Toni is a regular contributing author on GuestRelationshipsBlog. She also likes to write about relationships, money, and health.
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