How to Build the Perfect Wedding Registry

If you are currently planning for your wedding, have you already thought about your wedding registry?  Well, just in case you have no idea what a wedding registry is about (which I highly doubt), it’s a list of certain items that an engaged couple needs and wants to receive to start their new life together.  It saves you from the dilemma of dealing with things that you already have, don’t need or let’s admit it, things that are just not pleasing to the eye.  Handpicking potential gift items to receive sounds fun right?  But it can be a little bit stressful too.  Don’t worry, in this article I’ll guide you and your fiancé on how to build the Wedding Registry of your dreams.

Have both online and in-store options.

When picking your store or merchants to register to, make sure you have both options.  Some guests would prefer to go to the store, buy the gift and wrap it themselves to bring with them during the ceremony.  But for some, like those who will be traveling, it’s more convenient for them to just order online and have it sent directly to your address.

Amazon offers a wide-variety of gift options online and creating your Wedding Registry is very easy too.


Make sure to choose a different merchant that has a brick-and-mortar store for your in-store options.

Choose your gifts together as a couple.

Make sure to carefully ponder on what items to choose as a COUPLE.  You are building a new life together so now is the perfect time to mesh your styles, needs and wants.  Be open-minded and don’t rush.  Check out different stores and check out reviews of certain products before adding it to your list.

Pick items that you will need and really use.

You are building a wedding registry to save you from clutter, right?  So choose items that are practical and useful.  Some examples would be Kitchen essentials, travel accessories, household items, tools and backyard equipment.

Register for a lot of gifts.

Your guests will thank you for doing this because you are giving them a lot of options.  I suggest that you register twice as many gifts as the number of your guests.

Have a range of prices.

Each guest has his or her own budget limit.  Not everyone wants to splurge on a wedding gift, right?  So make sure that you register items with different price range – items below $50 and also higher. 

If you think that you don’t want a Wedding Registry, some other options would be monetary gifts, gift cards, donations to charities or experiences.  Also, don’t forget to thank every person who sent gifts!  Make it personal by sending a handwritten thank you note or snapping a photo of you and your spouse opening and using the gift that they sent with a thank you message attached.

Best Wishes!

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