10 Romantic Date Ideas to Try this Fall

There’s just something about the Fall Season that makes it magical and romantic.  With the crisp, cool air and the trees changing its colors, you can’t help but feel cozy and in love.  Autumn is definitely the best time of the year for love and whether you are in a brand new dating situation or have been married for years, here are 10 creative and fun date ideas that you and your partner should try this Fall.

1. Fall outfit shopping.

The girls will definitely approve of this idea but for the men, I’m not sure.  But let’s admit it, who doesn’t love getting new fall outfits?  Shopping with your partner and picking new outfits together sounds fun and how about an early Halloween costume shopping?  It’s never too early to pick out your “couple Halloween costume,” right?

2. Go for a bike ride together.

The perfect weather calls for a bike ride.  You’ll have fun biking around the neighborhood with the sound of crunching leaves beneath the tires. Not only that, you’ll be able to squeeze in some exercise too.

3. Have a long, romantic drive.

The Autumn color palette is just breathtaking – perfect time to take a long, romantic drive through the countryside (if you live nearby) with the windows down and savor the crisp, sweet air together.

4. Rent a cabin.

If you are planning to take a long drive, why not make it even more romantic by planning a weekend getaway?  Rent a cabin and enjoy a romantic getaway with your favorite person.

5. Plan a romantic picnic.

If you don’t want to go far, a picnic at the park is also a fun date idea that you and your lover can do together.  Pack a picnic basket filled with fall goodies, blanket to warm you up and enjoy a romantic picnic together.

6. Go apple picking.

Spend a romantic afternoon at an apple orchard and enjoy the fresh air while picking apples together.   It’s a cute and sweet (literally) way to bond with your partner.

7. Go to a Pumpkin Patch.

Going to the pumpkin patch isn’t just for kids, it will also be fun for two adults in love.  Have fun picking out the best pumpkin for your home.  You can even end the date by using the pumpkins (or the apples from the apple orchard) that you picked to bake a pie together.  It’s more fun if you are both novices because you’ll be laughing, learning and devouring your “masterpiece” together.

8. Go to a Country Fair or Festival

Be like kids (or go with your kids) again and enjoy a day at a country fair.  Have fun playing games, experiencing new rides and eating your favorite in season snacks (a.k.a pumpkin-flavored everything).

9. Have a Halloween movie marathon.

Plan a legit movie day and/or night with a twist.  Buy all your favorite movie snacks, and plan a long list of scary movies to watch together.  You can even take a break in between movies and visit a haunted house nearby. Sounds scary but fun!  (Boys, this date idea also the perfect excuse to get very, very close. *wink*)

10. Get cozy and watch the stars together.

Go camping, head to a nearby park or just bring a blanket and some pillows to your own backyard and watch the stars together.  It’s very easy, cheap and romantic!

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