My Top 5 Picks for the Best Romantic Getaways

Nothing can be as romantic as being able to travel and make new memories with the love of your life.  Traveling is the best way to discover new things about your partner and experience new adventures together.  If you are looking for ways to ignite and revive the spark of your relationship, here are 5 of the most romantic getaways that every couple should know about.

1. Antigua

There’s just something extra romantic when you are near the ocean – strolling at the beach while holding hands, watching the magical sunset together and enjoying the powdery sand and clear blue waters.  If you want a romantic Caribbean experience, you should definitely go to Antigua, an island in the West Indies.  There’s a resort called Sandals Grande Antigua which is a “couples-only resort,” which means that the ambiance is without a doubt, high in romance!  In fact, it’s even voted as The Most Romantic Resort in the World.

2. Telluride

Now if you don’t like sun-kissed nose and sandy toes, this mining town turned ski resort in Colorado is the perfect romantic Mountainside hideaway.  You’ll love the romantic cozy feel that the snowcapped mountains surrounding the village give.  Its streets are lined with 19th century gingerbread houses, family-run shops and cozy bookshops.  Book a room in Lumiere Boutique Hotel for a world-class intimate luxury setting that you and your partner will definitely love.  This ski-in/ski-out hotel was voted #20 in the Top 25 Hotels in the USA, the only ski resort included on the list.

3. Napa Valley

For me, nothing screams ROMANCE more than Napa Valley.  With the picturesque backdrop and the fragrant vines of wine country, I can’t help but feel romantic just imagining it.  Napa Valley offers couples a bunch of “couply” things to do together aside from sipping on wine.

There are a lot of intimate boutique hotels and restaurants to choose from.  But if you are looking for something new, you and your hubby can embark on a unique culinary adventure by joining A Taste of Hall workshop at the Wine Hall that is held one Sunday each month.

Wine and chocolates aren’t just for sippin’ and muncin’.  Try the grape seed exfoliation mixed with wine and cacao for a relaxing antioxidant-filled spa experience at the Auberge du Soleil.  End your trip by bottling your romance into a personal Bordeaux blend at Judd Hill’s Winery.

4. Vico Equense

We all know that Italy has been known as a one of the most romantic destinations in the world, thanks to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and breathtaking sceneries.  Aside from the famous cities like Venice and Florence, there’s a secret village that is equally romantic but surprisingly undiscovered.  Vico Equense is a coastal town in southern Italy.  Stay in one of the many boutique hotels with balconies overlooking the Bay of Naples and enjoy the beauty of this Fairytale-like village with the love of your life.

5. Istanbul

For an urban feel, Istanbul offers couples all sorts of vibes – ancient, modern, vibrant, exotic, serene, intimate and cosmopolitan.  You and your partner will surely love the city’s history, culture, food, entertainment and night life.

So what’s your next holiday destination?


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