Top 5 US Cities for Fall Travel

With the perfect temperature, picturesque landscape, fewer crowds and lower prices, the Fall season is indeed the most ideal time for an enjoyable and affordable getaway.

Whether you are traveling solo, with your friends or a significant other, here are the top 5 Cities in America to visit this Fall.

New York City

Of course, number one on the list is New York City.  It’s the city of all seasons!  But it’s during the Autumn time that you get to see the true beauty of Central Park.  You’ll surely feel like you’re in a romantic movie as you walk or bike through the park, enjoying the fall foliage at its peak.  End the day catching the autumn sunset and of course, indulge yourself with seasonal food favorites from different food trucks in the city.

Salt Lake City

Hike or drive along Big or Little Cottonwood canyons and enjoy the bright foliage and sherbet-colored walls of rock.  Plan your trip between August 15th to October 11 to experience Oktoberfest, a famous German Festival that features beer-drinking and merrymaking.  If you want a spooky adventure, check out the city’s Fear Factory and Nightmare on 13th for a fun haunted house experience.

Napa Valley


Napa Valley is the true representation of countryside scenery and legendary acclaimed wines.  Enjoy the sight of yellow and red foliage and the aroma of fermenting grapes.  Aside from its Autumn beauty and fine wine, you’ll also get to experience fall inspired spa treatments – think pumpkin spice facials!

San Francisco

San Fran is the destination if you are looking for an Indian Summer.  While the rest of the country may be cooling down, San Francisco is unseasonably warm and dry.  The weather is perfect for a “summer extension” of outdoor activities.  Visit the Golden Gate Bridge and take the cable cars over the city’s steep hills, charter a boat around San Francisco Bay or hike the Marin Headlands’ coasting trails.  There’s just so much to do in San Fran!


This quirky Southern city has a lot to offer during the Fall Season.  That’s why it’s ranked #1 in Best Fall Getaways by the US News & World Report.  You’ll actually feel like you are in a spooky movie, thanks to the creepy graveyards, haunted hotels and pub crawls.  But if you are not into spooky sights, don’t worry because you will still enjoy feasting on Savannah’s mix of culinary festivals like the Savannah Bacon Festival.


Now who’s up for a fun Fall adventure? I know I am.

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