10 Simple Ways to Make Your Day Better

We’ve all been there – those days when everything just seems to go wrong, your mind isn’t working and everyone seems to annoy you.  This feeling usually happens to me every Monday and I’ve somehow learned how to dodge and reverse it with a few simple ways.

It won’t guarantee you a perfect day because… come on, who gets to have a perfect day when you are an adult juggling work, home, relationships and other gazillion responsibilities?  But trust me, when you add up the little things, they amount to something substantial.  If you want some inspiration, here are my tried and tested simple ways for better days ahead.

1. Pick an outfit the night before.

Ladies and gents, let’s be real.  One of the morning preparations that eat up our time is picking the outfit to wear for the day and the main culprit for us running late (whether it’s for work, school, errands or a meeting).  Then it starts the domino effect – cramming, skipping breakfast, getting stuck in traffic, forgetting stuff and the worst part, getting scolded by your boss.  So to avoid that whole dilemma, pick your outfit the night before and lay them out before going to bed.  It may even spark your excitement to go to work the next day, knowing that you will be dressing up in a stylish OOTD.

2. Start the day on a positive mood.

I used to dread Mondays.  As soon as Sunday night comes, I suddenly feel depressed because weekend is officially over.  That feeling then continues till the next morning and drains me the whole day.  Which was wrong!  I changed my mind set and saw some good results.  Always start your day with a positive vibe.  Be thankful for the new day and visualize a great day ahead.

3. Listen to upbeat music.

Music affects the mood so instead of listening to those sad, sappy love songs, skip to your Upbeat playlist and improve your mood!

4. Call a loved one.

Whether it’s your significant other, a family member or a best friend, there’s nothing quite as comforting as hearing a loved one’s voice.

5. Look at photos of things and people you like.

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to just scroll through photos that can uplift your mood.  Maybe these are photos of you and your loved ones, your crush, funny memes or even photos of cute dogs and cats.  Trust me, it’ll instantly improve your mood.

6. Have a good meal.

Food is my favorite “pick-me-upper”.  Forget your diet for that day and just eat something that will make you happy.  Nothing makes a day even worse than being hungry.  Eating out with a co-worker, friend, sister or whoever is a plus too.  This way, you get to have a quick vent session.

7. Treat yourself.

This tip isn’t really highly recommended for an everyday thing.  But you know how this can drastically make your day better, right?  Well, it doesn’t have to be shopping for something… it can be a massage, an epic meal or mani and pedi.

8. Count down to your next life event.

Your next vacation?  Halloween 2016?  Holidays?  A friend’s wedding?  Whatever that is, having something to look forward to is the perfect reason to be excited everyday.

9. Smile.

Fake it till you make it, they say.  Always find something to laugh and smile about because positive energy attracts more positive things in life.  So keep on smiling.

10. Be obsessively grateful.

Whenever you feel down or when you are in bed feeling awful about your day, don’t drown yourself in sorrow and worries.  Think about the small things to be grateful for.  The mere fact that you are alive and safe at home is enough reason to feel happy, blessed and grateful.

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